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Hello there, my name is Nigel Ashley Cumings, Managing Director of ANZ Visa Services. In 2008 I relocated to Chandigarh, India mainly for the purpose of student recruitment to Australian and New Zealand education providers and along the way I met many people who were in need of honest and transparent immigration advice. In 2015 I obtained my License as an Immigration Adviser for New Zealand and have been helping people with their visa needs ever since, dedicating over 10 years of my life to living, working and helping people in India. Now, in addition to the Chandigarh office, ANZ Visa Services has offices in New Zealand as well as the Philippines specialising in New Zealand Visa options so feel free to contact us today to see how we can help you. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to hear from you soon otherwise all the very best with your journey. Exciting!

Yours sincerely

Nigel A Cumings
New Zealand Licensed Immigration No 201600103

ANZ Visa Services

ANZ Visa Services specialises in no fuss Visa Solutions regardless of your current location. Our team is dedicated to making your transition to New Zealand an easy one supporting you before, during and after your visa process. Contact us now for an obligation free discussion to see how we can help you or complete the Free Visa Assessment Form.

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Which Visa Do I Need?

There are many types of visas available so it is important that you apply for a visa which best suits your reason/s for traveling to and being in New Zealand. ANZ Visa Services is Fully Licensed to guide you on all visa types so have a look to see what might be best suited for you.

Ever had Immigration problems before?

Have you ever

  • had a visa refusal?
  • had your character questioned?
  • overstayed in New Zealand or any other country?
  • been unlawful in New Zealand?
  • been removed or deported from any country?

ANZ Visa Services has been helping people who have or have had Immigration Problems for over five years so if you have answered yes to any of the above contact us today for an obligation free discussion on how we can help you

Client's Testimonials

If you have had or currently have Immigration Problems, then contact us for an obligation free discussion. ANZ Visa Services has successfully helped many of our client’s overcome issues such as Character Waivers, Section 61 Requests as well as Special Directions and in one case a Health Waiver. Below are some scenarios which illustrate examples of immigration problems. Do any apply to you? If so contact us directly or complete our Free Visa Assessment Form today.


Can I lodge an online visa application if I am not in New Zealand?*

Yes you can and it is a good idea to have your application lodged and in the queue. Remember though, only when INZ commences their operations offshore will they start processing these applications. It will save you considerable time in the long run.

*Offshore temporary applications are currently on hold until Nov 11

I have a previous visa refusal from another country (including New Zealand), can I still apply for New Zealand?

Yes you can although this would depend on why that application was declined in the first place. ANZ Visa Services have sent many of our client’s to New Zealand who have had previous visa refusals

I was deported or left New Zealand a few years ago and now I am married to someone who is travelling to, or is in, New Zealand. Can I apply for a visa so I can be with my partner?

ANZ Visa Services has successfully applied for many “Character Waivers” as well as “Special Directions” for many of our clients from India. If this is you please contact us today for an obligation free discussion so we can assess your situation.

INZ declined my application saying that I do not meet character requirements. What can I do?

Sometimes we do silly or illogical things which can result in INZ questioning your character and declining your visa application. We have successfully applied for many Character Waivers on behalf of our clients so if this applies to you contact ANZ Visa Services today to discuss your situation.

I am in New Zealand, my visa has expired and I do not have an application lodged with INZ. What do I do?

Contact us immediately so we can help rectify your lawful status in New Zealand. If you wish to remain New Zealand then timing is everything!

I am in New Zealand and my application to renew my visa was declined. What do I do?

If you do not agree with the decision by INZ to decline your application then ANZ Visa Services can appeal the decision on your behalf. Contact us today and book an appointment to come and see us

Get In touch

For any immigration and visa-related inquries, request for assessment, and appointment, feel free to contact us below.

Nigel Ashley Cumings
Managing Director

Business Address :  Unit 6I,
100 Greys Avenue, Auckland CBD 1010, New Zealand.

Mobile : 021 254 8343
Whatsapp No. :  (+91) 869 – 901 5161
Skype : nigelcumings

India OFFICE :

Business Address : Top Floor House Number 542, Jan Marg, Sector 36B
Chandigarh, India

Landline No. : (+91) 172 – 400 3470
Mobile & Whatsapp No. :  (+91) 869 – 901 5161
Skype : nigelcumings

Philippines OFFICE :

Business Address : Unit 1431 Victoria Tower D, Mother Ignacia Avenue, Diliman Quezon City 1103

Mobile : (+63) 919 0000 5638
Whatsapp No. : (+63) 919 0000 5638
Skype : Jon Oliquino